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The Thingscon Salon is a meetup organised by the Thingscon Amsterdam team in collaboration with different partners. The first Salon took place in Amsterdam on April 1st, 2016 and 9 have happened thus far (see an overview below). For 2017 we have another series of exciting salons and affiliated events lined up.



Game Night

March 23, (Amsterdam)

This game night is co-hosted by ThingsCon and the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design Research (CIID) / VIRTEU, an EU-funded project that seeks to explore the ethical implications of newly connected devices. CIID is responsible for designing tools to help IOT developers think through these implications while in the design process. CIID is kicking off the co-creation phase in Amsterdam and hopes to get+give a fresh take on supporting ethical reflection when making connected things. So, let’s explore some games, objects, and “ethical things”, and figure out what they’re good at or missing! The event is held at the HQ, Sint Antoniesbreestraat 16, 1011 HB Amsterdam R.S.V.P.


Hackathon CityThings

April 10, Rotterdam

The CityThings hackathon is organized by ThingsCon in cooperation with IoT RotterdamTU Delft Connected Everyday Lab and Creating010. We will look into the future when things in the city become more intelligent and autonomous and will have a different relationship with us as inhabitants of the city. The teams will think and prototype what these intelligent things can be and how they will intermediate the data of the city. We are especially interested in questions on ethics when these new interactions between citizens and ‘citythings’ appear in the city. The event will be from 9:30 to 20.00 hours. Go to IoT Rotterdam for more information and registration


ThingsCon Salon #10: Ideation

May 8, Antwerp

In many cases, a design and development process starts off with an initial spark, a concept, an idea. During this salon, we want to spend some time on introducing how internet-connected product concepts change the way we look at idea generation. We will dive into existing tools, and identify opportunities and challenges. More information and RSVP!



ThingsCon Salon #11: Beyond the Panopticon

May 17, Eindhoven

We are teaming up again with VPRO Medialab in Eindhoven for a deep dive into the panopticon of our smart home. More and more sensors sneak into our homes and create interesting possibilities for new services and products. But what is the effect of this connectedness? In the workshop and salon, we will put the focus on what is necessary to create good products. The Salon is also part of the year program of VPRO Medialab called Blok22 which will wrap up at the Dutch Design Week
See the Meetup page for more information and registration.


ThingsCon Salon #12: Internet of Sleep

June 1, Amsterdam

This ThingsCon Salon hosted at the Freedom Lab Campus in Amsterdam will bring together designers, entrepreneurs, and creators for a workshop and presentations on various forms of sleep technology.
Confirmed speakers: Alexander van Wijnen, Associate Strategist at Dasym, Sami Niemelä of Nordkapp who worked on sleep tracker Beddit (acquired by Apple), and the Oura Ring, Julian Jagtenberg, founder of Somnox, the world’s first sleep robot, Thomas Visser of Philips Design and its smart sleep solutions like the Somneo, Jan-Marc Verlindenof bracelet Hyposense and Erik Pouwen of the Engaged Group  about next-generation measurement technology. See the Meetup page for more information and registration

ThingsCon Salon #13,The Internet of Food

July 12, Rotterdam


At this salon, we will explore how the connection between agriculture, design, and technology is shaping the food on our plates. In collaboration with Rotterdam Food Cluster we bring together pioneers from the ThingsCon community and food-innovators from the Rotterdam region. This event will be held at the wonderful Schielandshuis, from 16.00-21.00.  See the Meetup page for more information and registration  

ThingsCon Salon #14; The Real Future of Mobility

October 9, Amsterdam

Smart mobility is a hot topic. Autonomous driving, new platforms for mobility with Mobility as a Service, changing city infrastructures for bikes. The theme is quite broad. In this Salon we like to take a look into the future but connect this to what is necessary to make this future for real.

The Real Future, what do we need to live the envisioned futures?

Latest information and RSVP via meetup page.

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