About ThingsCon Amsterdam

ThingsCon is Europe’s leading conference about the future of hardware, connected devices and Internet of Things (IoT). Started in Berlin it is growing into a global community of like-minded practitioners around Internet of Things and new hardware. ThingsCon fosters the creation of a human-centric & responsible IoT. To this end it provides practitioners with an open environment for reflection & collaborative action.

ThingsCon Amsterdam started with a one day conference on 7 November 2014, inspired by the successful format of that year’s first Berlin edition. In 2015 we grew into a conference with about 250 attendees and we felt that we needed to keep growing the Dutch community by also organising smaller focused events; the Salons. In 2016 we organised five Salons and ended the year again with the 3rd edition of the Thingscon Amsterdam conference, with an international line-up of top notch speakers and about 25 sessions and 50 speakers on different aspects of making a meaningful impact through product and service design of connected products, with around 330 attendees.

ThingsCon Amsterdam 2016 took place on 1 & 2 December at the Volkshotel in Amsterdam. Find a report on the talks and sessions on the reporting page.

We continued to organise the Salons in 2017. Next to that we organised a research trip to Shenzhen in April.

Thingscon Amsterdam is organised by Iskander Smit (Info.nl), Marcel Schouwenaar (The Incredible Machine) and Monique van Dusseldorp (Van Dusseldorp), in close corporation with the Berlin team.