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We are looking forward to great edition of ThingsCon 6 & 7 December again. It will be our fifth conference we organise in the Netherlands, that started as chapter from ThingsCon Berlin. More as ever we team up with the international community and the organisers of ThingsCon Berlin. And we will move this year to a new location. We are excited to go to Rotterdam and to have found a location that fits super well to the dynamics of our conference we think: BlueCity. 

As always our event will be a combination of plenary talks and -the largest part- in-depth sessions of two hours. Last year we had about 25 two-hour sessions divided over 4 slots during the Thursday and Friday. We are still in the process of planning the conference this year, but you can count on a similar elements in the program. 

More even than earlier years we hope to involve our community in setting the agenda and entering sessions. So feel invited to propose a workshop or other type of session for this year’s edition!

Context for applying

We have set our goals for this year’s event to be even more actionable. One of the conclusions of last year was the sense of urgency to act. We like to cater to this with more goal-driven sessions, and possibly combine sessions around a common goal. This can be part of your proposal, but we might also get in contact with you based on your proposal.

Some of the themes we like to address this year specifically

– Trust in IoT; more than being GDPR compliant

– The Internet of Things that Think; AI and ML are added to the equation, what does that mean for technology, design, manufacturing, etc.

– Circular Things; how to design and make things that contribute to the circular economy?

– A specific session on cities, health, robotics, etc.

We are developing on our agenda and will continue to do so towards the conference. The core mission from ThingsCon is still our driver; foster the creation of a responsible and human-centric IoT. We like to bring this further in practice in our conference. We think we like to be on the sweet spot of design, tech, society, ethics, and practice. Our driver is to create technology with human intelligence to bridge the real and virtual world. We believe that shipping is part of this, and more than ever the human values are part of creating a healthy business.

What is in it for you?

We are community driven. We will bring together a group of likewise or highly interested professionals in IoT. Our past workshop hosts have been enthusiastic about this benefits. You will, of course, receive a free ticket to the conference, including all contributing people to the session up to three in total. Depending on your own situation we can look into reimbursements for travel and stay, but we cannot commit to that now yet.

How to apply?

Do you have ideas for a contribution to our conference, or festival of things? Let us know. We are open for both concrete proposals for sessions or rough ideas you want to shape with us.

There are in principle two formats we ask your contribution for: – 2 hour sessions that can be a workshop to think, to make, or to discuss – combining 2-hour slots to longer sessions, or repeating sessions is possible – Demo-market for interesting examples of IoT work.

Send us your ideas before August 1st via
Make clear what the topic is, and what format the sessions will have.

We will get back to organisers before end of October.

Note for company-organised sessions

We organise this event with our foundation on a not-for-profit base. We can be honest to say this is a tough task every year to make it financially healthy. Last year we just managed to stay break-even thanks to our partners and generous speakers and hosts that did not request for speaker fees. We are inviting organisation and companies to apply for sessions, but we will ask you to become partner to contribute to our organising costs.