First ThingsCon Talents Night winners

At ThingsCon Amsterdam 2017 we introduced a new initiative; the ThingsCon Talents Night. We like to give stage for new talent in IoT and invited universities and universities of applied sciences to nominate the best student projects for the contest. We also organised a challenge during Thursday for student teams.

At this first edition we had eight contestants from five different universities. The challenge had four teams.

The challenge connected the heritage of the Volkshotel as the former offices of the Volkskrant newspaper with the current function as hotel. The teams were asked to came up with a escape room puzzle in one of the hotel rooms. Of course using IoT technologies like sensors and connectivity, both in the room as connecting the outside and inside world.


After hearing all the pitches our four judges choose the winners. The judges were the freshly appointed ThingsCon fellows; Alexandra Deschamp-Sonsino, Ame Elliott, Dries De Roeck and Iohanna Nicenboim.

The overview of all contestants and challenge teams:

Contestants University/School Name project
Jochem van Schip Willem de Kooning code/coat
Olivier van Nieuwmegen TU Delft QuantiFire
Cas van ‘t Wout, Bryan de Ronde, Tessa van Veen Hogeschool Rotterdam Walert
Patrick Beck, Nina Hanselmann Hochschüle Darmstadt Urban Systems
Tim Moesgen, Matys Welle, Nikki Joosten Hogeschool van Amsterdam Mindmap
Benjamin Bauer, Doreen Scheller Hochschüle Darmstadt Selv
Fabian Bitter TU Delft Thing different
André Fritzinger, Smilla Hinterreiter Hochschüle Darmstadt SheepWell
Challenge teams
Dennis KLein, Elwin de Witte, Laura van Iwaarden Hogeschool Rotterdam #CreaNerdClub
Nina Hanselmann, Patrick Beck, André Fritzinger, Smilla Hinterreiter Hochschüle Darmstadt Doppelhaushälftenbesitzer
Pares Scholberg, Melanie Reindertsen, Melanie, Tevin Stuurland Hogeschool van Amsterdam Harry Houdini
Benjamin Bauer, Doreen Scheller, Géraldine Ulrichs, Janine Weirich Hochschüle Darmstadt IMDarmstadt


And the winners are…

The judges choose Code/coat by Jochem van Schip as the winner of the contestants, and Urban City Systems by Patrick Beck and Nina Hanselmann as runner up.

The winner of the challenge was team Doppelhaushälftenbesitzer from Hochschüle Darmstadt.


Code/coat did impress the jury with it’s critical design and deep research. The connection to a real world problem that is made.

The judges like Urban City as project that tackles a problem that is often neglected, and offers a simple solution though.

The judges like the clear connection between the inside and the outside in the escaperoom of team Doppelhaushälftenbesitzer. As Dries De Roeck mentioned, it was doing things different than in existing escaperooms and it tells the story of the building.


Find the videos of the education introduction, the pitches and the award ceremony on our Vimeo-channel.