Privacy statement

As proponents for ethics in technology and responsible IoT we try to practice what we preach in our own tools we use for organizing the activities and events we do.

We don’t ever share your data unless legally required to, and in fact don’t collect any personal information other than the necessary data for specific activities, like registration data for our events and communication data to send out our newsletter.
For those activities we use tools and try to monitor and control the collection of data outside our control.

Let us know if you have any questions on our privacy policy via e-mail.

Stichting ThingsCon Amsterdam

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VAT    857261721B01


We use MailChimp for our e-mail newsletter to keep you informed on the events and activities we organize. In our database we have your name and e-mail address. As soon as you indicate to unsubscribe we will delete all these information from the database.


Our website is built on WordPress, using the Fudge-theme. We don’t use personal data in our WordPress-website.


For the registration of the conference, we use Eventbrite. We only ask data we need for your registration. Via the management system of Eventbrite we are able to get an overview of the data of attendees:

e-mail address
invoice address (in case that is entered)

The payment relation is with Eventbrite, we don’t obtain your bank account details. Find the privacy policy of Eventbrite here:


For our ThingsCon Salons we use Meetup to announce the Salons and register attendees. All profile data on Meetup is stored within the Meetup environment. We as organizers can download the RSVP list of all members of our group and RSVPs per Salon. In this data, we can only see you account name as shown on the website moment of RSVP. We don’t have access to your e-mail or other personal data. Communication, like sending out announcements, always happens via the tooling of Meetup.  

Meetup has updated its privacy statement according to GDPR. Find it here