Program 2017

We are approaching our yearly conference at November 30th & December 1st. We already have several great speakers confirmed, and about 20 sessions. Another 10 are in the making and will be announced soon. You can find a list of the sessions below.

This year we also have a special student competition for the best IoT work made by students, and we will also have a challenge for students to make the best ideas for a connected hotel room. Read more about this at the ThingsCon Talents page.

Speakers and Sessions

Thursday November 30th

You can find the preliminary schedule for the conference here.


Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino (Designswarm)
Marcel Schouwenaar (The Incredible Machine)
Iskander Smit (
 Scott Jenson (Google Physical Web)


– Things as Citizens: Designing for a new specimen in the city (Louise Hugen)
– Ethics as Design Inspiration (Jet Gispen)
– Prototyping the useless butler – Machine Learning for IoT designers (Kars Alfrink, Péter Kun)
Designing collaborations with smart objects (Nazli Cila, Marco Rozendaal)
– Manufacturing IoT (Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino)
– #iotmark : a certification mark for #iot (Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, Thomas Amberg)
 Connectiklaas (Harm van VugtBas Pijls-van Kooten, Joey van der Bie, Shirley Niemans)
Understanding GDPR for Things (Rob HeymanSaskia Videler)
Ultra rapid prototyping (Joris Lam)
Dowse: IoT awareness box (Federico Bonelli, Denis Jaromil Roio)
Democracy by Design: How to safeguard human, social and democratic values within smart citites? (Gerd Kortuem)
Installfest NB-IoT (Afzal Mangal)
– The Power of Open Source Innovation (Diderik van Wingerden)
Learn and ideate for the IoT with Tiles Toolkit (Simone Mora)
– Make it Happen in China (Marco van HeerdePaul MignotJann de Waal, Bob Wang, Dick Lee)
Ring Ring, who’s there? (Jan Belon, Rick Voogt, Zaher Marzuq, Christian Schmitz)
The City as an Office (Aadjan van der Helm, Tomasz Jaskiewicz)
Responsive Urban Spaces (Ashlee Valdes, Sietse Taams)

ThingsCon Talents

Challenge for students and contest.