After the successful edition of Thingscon Amsterdam 2015, we, the organising team, had the idea not to wait until December 2016 to have another get-together with our ‘new things-enthusiasts’. Also we heard a lot of attendees share the pity of only be able to do one of the workshops. That inspired us to plan the Thingscon Salons! 

The Thingscon Salon is a meetup organised by the Thingscon Amsterdam team in collaboration with different partners. The first Salon took place in Amsterdam on April 1st, 2016. The second in Rotterdam on May 13th. The third again in Amsterdam. The fourth Salon in Eindhoven on smart society, organised together with VPRO Medialab. The Fifth Salon took place in October and had the theme The Internet of Toys. Find the report here.

We continued with the Salons in 2017. The first took place on 27th of January 2017 themed around the intimate interfaces and fashion tech. Check out this report.

March 23rd we had a Salon on the future of Making at Makerversity. And we did an extra Salon at SXSW. July 6th we had a Salon on the internet of bicycles. On October 4th we did a Salon in Intimate Technology at the DesignLab at UTwente in Enschede.