Prototyping the Useless Butler – Machine Learning for IoT Designers

Betonnen Zaal

Artificial intelligence continues to receive a lot of attention, but what the field’s resurgence means for designers remains hard to grasp. This workshop will give you hands-on experience of interactive, supervised machine learning, a way of doing artificial intelligence applied in things ranging from spam detection to speech recognition. Step by step we will walk you through a prototyping stack based on the open source tools Wekinator and Arduino. This stack, along with the example code provided, will allow you to prototype a simple connected product which can be trained to display behaviour based on example inputs. With these new tools in hand, we will go on to create ‘useless butlers’ – playful, critical (but functional!) takes on the smart robot assistants promised to us by those breathless futurists who won’t stop talking about AI.

Earlier edition held at TU Delft

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