Shenzhen Research Trip 2018

ThingsCon is planning to organise a research trip to Shenzhen! Just like we did in April 2017. Join us and get to know the maker scene and the hardware ecosystem that makes Shenzhen the Silicon Valley of hardware. During our 5 day excursion, we’ll visit maker spaces, hardware markets, manufacturers, etc.

Last year ThingsCon Amsterdam organised a ThingsCon trip to Shenzhen, hosted by the Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab. We visited factories, marketplaces, working spaces and organized a local ThingsCon Meetup. Some of us have since outsourced production work, others just got inspired by the sheer energy in the region. We certainly enjoyed every second of this trip and learned a lot about the ecosystem that makes the area the ‘’Silicon Valley of hardware’’.  A wonderful report was written by Peter Bihr and his team, see View Source Shenzhen.

We plan to organize another trip this year in October. Please let us know if you are interested to join. We need enough people to make it possible.

The trip will include visits to all companies, meals during the excursions, fixer, interpreter. Expect a fee of 1000 euro for the trip. Next to that the costs are for hotel and flight to Shenzhen, count on 1500 euros. 

Let us know if you are interested via this form.

What to expect? Last year we visited factories, hardware accelerators, design agencies and companies.

– Ash Cloud Factories – manufactures phone cases
– SZ Designweek
– Hozu molding factory
– SZOIL (Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab)
– Design companies (Roti, Cbon, Silkroad)
– SZ Industrial Design Association
– X.factory makerspace
– World Maker Group
– Markets tour
– ThingsCon Shenzhen
– Yamm Art academy
– Tencent
– Artop
– HWTrek
– More markets…

This gave a great overview on all of the hardware maker ecosystem that Shenzhen is famous for. We felt how the city was flooded with bike sharing programs and what WeChat means for the Chinese culture.