Dries De Roeck

Studio Dott

Dries is a designer, researcher and leads all things research at the creative agency Studio Dott (Belgium). In his research work, he questions how design processes change when digital and physical products become increasingly intertwined. His interest generally lies in the way technology is being embedded and used throughout the everyday life of people. He is the creator of the IOT ideation cards and sporadically hosts local Thingscon events.

The Battle of Iot Cards

Petit Canvas (7th floor)

Cards decks and other design tools tailored to IoT are sprouting allover. In this session, we will introduce at least three different card based design tools for IoT. Each of them with their own focus and speciality. Instead of glorifying the need and importance of these tools, the session’s is to question the actual relevancy […]

Discuss Do Talks

ThingsCon Talents Night

Houten Zaal

This year we introduce the ThingsCon Talents Night. Specially for students we will organise a contest for the best IoT student work of the last year, and a challenge during the day for student teams to prototype a connected escape room in the hotel. The jury consists of our ThingsCon Fellows. For the Talents Night […]