Iskander Smit


Iskander Smit is working as innovation director at agency Info.nl in Amsterdam, that crafts connected digital products and services. Iskander is responsible for research and development and leading labs.info.nl. This R&D department dedicated to new developments, and emerging connected technologies. Labs conducts research and experiments on the internet that enters our daily life and how we interact beyond the screen. We work closely together with research institutes and universities.

Iskander has a background as Industrial Design Engineer and have been working as creative and strategist in digital services. He has a longtime track record for designing and thinking on the internet of things and one of the thought leaders in the Netherlands on IoT. Since 2009 Iskander is member of Council Internet of Things and in 2013 co-founder of the Behavior Design AMS meetup.

In 2014 he initiated and co-organised the Amsterdam edition of Berlin conference ThingsCon, a leading conference on the design of the internet of things that has the mission to foster the creation of a responsible and human-centric Internet of Things. Since 2017 Iskander is chairman of the foundation ThingsCon Amsterdam.

Next to this, Iskander started in April 2017 as a visiting professor at TU Delft Industrial Design Engineering, at the Connected Everyday Lab, where he will be setting up a new research program into citizen led and thing centered air purifying cities scapes.

Iskander Smit – Things as Citizens in the inclusive smart city

Houten Zaal

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become a known concept for the smart city vision of the future. However, current implementations are often limited to sensing only: the Internet as dashboard, with sensors in the real world. In this arrangement, urban innovation stops at collecting data, visualizing it on an app, and opening it for […]


ThingsCon Talents Night

Houten Zaal

This year we introduce the ThingsCon Talents Night. Specially for students we will organise a contest for the best IoT student work of the last year, and a challenge during the day for student teams to prototype a connected escape room in the hotel. The jury consists of our ThingsCon Fellows. For the Talents Night […]