Marcel Schouwenaar

The Incredible Machine

Marcel Schouwenaar, a designer and strategist at The Incredible Machine. In 2012 he cofounded this company together with partner Harm van Beek. In their work they research opportunities in the realm of internet connected products and services for clients like LEGO Group, Zodiac Aerospace, Festool and Alliander. With a strong focus on experiment and validation, The Incredible Machine is most often involved in the earliest stages of innovation. It is in these stages that Harm and Marcel encountered ethical dilemmas where the interest of business conflicted with those of people and society. This friction led to the writing of the IoT Design Manifesto – in collaboration with fellow designers and researchers – and the establishment of the Just Things Foundation. Both of these efforts are aimed at addressing what it means to create products in a data driven society and empowering professionals to act in the interests of people, society and the environment.

Marcel Schouwenaar – Algorithms and accountability in the Smart City

Houten Zaal

In this talk I’ll address the potential implications of algorithms in the smart City. As we look to optimize operations and decision making, we are in fact creating a high resolution allocation of resources, where we are making distinction in how we treat neighborhoods, streets, or even individuals. In collaboration with Alliander (democracy by design) […]


ThingsCon Talents Night

Houten Zaal

This year we introduce the ThingsCon Talents Night. Specially for students we will organise a contest for the best IoT student work of the last year, and a challenge during the day for student teams to prototype a connected escape room in the hotel. The jury consists of our ThingsCon Fellows. For the Talents Night […]