Peter van Waart

Creating 010

Peter van Waart is lecturer at the course Communication & Multimedia Design and researcher for Smart & Inclusive Society in research center Creating 010, both of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (RUAS).

His PhD study at TU Delft focus on guidelines for designing meaningful technology applied in the urban domain. Peter is one of the founders of Rotterdam Open Data and StadsLab Rotterdam. He initiated and coordinated the minor Urban Interaction Design (Urban IxD) to explore the interplay between technology, people and the city. Next to that he initiated and organised the Global Service Jam Rotterdam, the Rotterdam GovJam and the International Internet of Things Day Rotterdam.

Peter is currently one of the consortium partners together with Erasmus University and TU Delft in the STW funded research through design project Participatory City Making. All of this aims for the participation of citizens in in the design of meaningful applications for urban living.

How to Develop a Citizen Centered IoT

Houten Zaal

In this pannel we will discuss strategies to promote a citizen-centered development of IoT. What kind of projects have empowered citizens, how have they been organized? What roles have local governments played in their emergence, and how did the relations between governments and other stakeholders shape up? What does it take to get these kind […]

Discuss Talks

ThingsCon Talents Night

Houten Zaal

This year we introduce the ThingsCon Talents Night. Specially for students we will organise a contest for the best IoT student work of the last year, and a challenge during the day for student teams to prototype a connected escape room in the hotel. The jury consists of our ThingsCon Fellows. For the Talents Night […]