Sjef van Gaalen

Structure & Narrative

Sjef van Gaalen works freelance as a strategist and designer, and is founder of nomadic research lab Structure & Narrative. His focus is on the exploration of emerging domains, and the creation of practically applicable narratives.

He has spoken in Amsterdam for FIBER’s Coded Matters series, introducing the concept of ‘Algorithmic Companion Species’, and in Tokyo on camouflage and identity. His non-fiction writing on futures has recently been published by New Scientist and the Association of Professional Futurists. He is also an occasional collage artist and perpetuator of cynical jokes about design.

Sjef is an associate of the Gr1p foundation, dedicated to making technical, political and cultural understanding of our digital society accessible, and is a contributor to Thingclash, working with Changeist to expand the workshop design and methodology.


Next Thing You Know

Betonnen Zaal

Explore speculative frictions in the plausible near-now. Workshop hosts Sjef van Gaalen, Susan Cox-Smith and designer and illustrator Rachel Sender will guide you through an extended Thingclash session, shaping impacts and implications of the IoT as stories, giving you tools and strategies for narrative design. The output of the workshop will be published as a […]