Susan Cox-Smith


Susan Cox-Smith is a partner and lead creative strategist at Changeist, and brings over 20 years of combined experience as a designer, art director, producer, writer and editor. She leads Changeist’s design for immersive experiences about the future, and oversees experience design for new futures tools for workshops, education and group collaboration. She also manages Changeist’s How to Future project, and is a key contributor to Thingclash, an exploration of social friction and the Internet of Things.

She researches trends around emerging technology and the future of human issues, including international development, health, work, sustainability, shelter, aging, families, education, and culture. She contributes to horizon scanning, synthesis and development of strategic themes for design research, and workshop facilitation.

Susan has written for Medium and How We Get To Next on issues of gender, education, work and technology. Her recent projects have included work for a global NGO, competitive landscaping for health media, trends research and opportunity identification for pharma, fitness and wellness, co-led research and design for an investigation of personal data futures for a major global digital device maker, and research support on a project about women’s health and the future of technology backed by Nesta. She has post-graduate certificates from The Portfolio Center and New York University.