Our mission is to inspire and support makers and grow communities of maker businesses in city centres around the world.

We do three things:

– Build and run awesome co-making spaces for professional makers, which combine co-working space with clean and messy workshop space, machines and tools. Really what we’re doing isn’t about the space though, it’s about the people and their industries. We believe that disruptive innovation is the product of a diverse and engaged community. Architects sit by software developers, fashion designers by emerging hardware tech. This eco-system is where they work together, play together and learn from one another. It is the ultimate place for inspiration and aspiration.

– Learning programmes for people at all levels with our focus being to inspire the next generation of creative and practical minds and increase the diversity within the creative industries. All Makerversity members have the opportunity to play an active part in these programmes and are encouraged to pass on their experiences and expertise to others.

– Work with clients to solve their challenges. We use our expertise from the maker world, our in-house talent pool and the facilities we have at our finger-tips. We are the go-to campus for up to date, nimble and hands-on delivery whether it’s a technology demo-day, a Hackathon, team training, corporate workshops, talent-sourcing or even a marketing project.