ThingsCon Talents

At this years ThingsCon Amsterdam conference, we will put special attention to the work of students making interesting IoT concepts with a new talent program. We organise a contest for the best student projects this year that will be at November 30th. We are doing this in close corporation with several design schools and universitites, that will share their ideas on IoT education.


The talent program is supported by the design faculties of Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, TU Delft, Avans University of Applied Sciences, and more to be announced.

We will involve the work of students in two ways during the conference. We will have a contest for the best IoT student projects of the last year, and we are also organising a challenge for student teams to design the most interesting connected hotel room.


The Contest

A maximum of ten will be selected for the final round during ThingsCon in the evening of November 30th. Every project can pitch their work for the public during ThingsCon and the jury. The best will win a nice prize and will of course be presented on the demo market on Friday December 1st. We ask the universities to propose projects, and the projects can be made by an individual or a team. The project needs to be an IoT product/service, and need to be completed not earlier than school year 2016/2017.


19:00 start evening program
20:00 pitches (contest & challenge)
21:00 intermezzo
21:30 prize ceremony
21:45 closing

The Challenge

During the whole day of November 30th the challenge can be entered by students teams proposed by the participating universities. Teams of different universities will desing and prototype an IoT concept that will be demoed during the conference.

We have place for a maximum of 10 teams. Each team will present their ideas during the talent-night on Thursday evening. We have a nice prize and the winner and the idea will of course be shown at the demo market. We will give a specific briefing at the beginning of the challenge.
In general, the topic is related to connected rooms and things, and will have a relation to the place we are located – the hotel. Expect to make an interesting connected experience for hotel guests. We will have a room available to test or demo the ideas, or just to be inspired. We challenge the students to prototype their idea. That does not mean a fully working connected device, but using connected devices to demonstrate their concept is an important part.

The timeline of the challenge:

9:00 Doors open, register
9:30 Welcome & kick-off
10:00 opening ThingsCon + Keynote (optional)
10:00 start challenge
17:00 testing prototypes in hotel room
18:00 food & drinks
19:00 start evening program
20:00 pitches (contest & challenge)
21:00 intermezzo
21:30 prize ceremony
21:45 closing

Talent Evening

Thursday evening (November 30th) we will have a special talent evening as part of this years ThingsCon Amsterdam conference. Starting at 19:00 hrs we have a special program with a keynote speaker, short presentations by the universities, and the pitches from both the challenge teams and the selected student work. We are ending with the announcement of the winners.

The talent evening is accessible for all attendees of ThingsCon Amsterdam, and we will offer a limited amount of tickets for interested people.

The Jury

The jury will consist of some of the most experienced IoT designers and makers. We are very happy that our freshly appointed ThingsCon Fellows will be the judges for the contest and the challenge:

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino (director at Designswarm and founder Good Night Lamp)
Ame Elliott (design director at Simply Secure)
Dries de Roeck (designer and researcher Studio Dott)
Iohanna Nicenboim (design researcher TU Delft Connected Everyday Lab)


We will have some nice prizes for both the winner of the contest as the winning team of the challenge; worth 500 eu. And the winning projects will be shown at the marketplace on Friday.

Critera to enter the contest

The challenge is open to all students of universities and universities of applied sciences. The challenge is meant for teams, which should consist of 3-5 people. Participating schools and universities can propose teams/students for the challenge.

Best is to enter your project or team through your university or school. Entries via the participating schools don’t pay entrance for the conference. If you are a student and your school is not part of the list of participators, let us know and we will see what we can do.

In case there is room for more projects and teams, we will allow individual entries.




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